BBQ Commandments

1.   Thou shall not parboil ribs.
2.  Thou shall not use indoor cooking methods to finish BBQ.
3. Thou shalt add hardwood chunks only until the meat reaches 140.  Anything after that is wasteth.
4.   Thou shalt BBQ regardless of weather, rain or shine, heat or cold.   The temple of the pit shall not remain cold for long.
Thou shalt freely experiment with rubs and sauces.  It is the pursuit that matters.
6.  Thou shalt tread kindly on the BBQ methods of thy fellow seekers. There is no one right way to 'cue.
7.   Thou shall not use coals that have a petroleum based product as a binding agent.
8.   Thou shall use any day or night of the week to Barbecue.
9.  Thou shalt NOT use Lighter Fluid for thy time at the Q is Holy as  such use shall sour thy taste in the eyes of the Creator and thy  quests!
10.  Thou shalt use the holy chimney with uncolored newspaper.  Nay, not the colored funny papers nor the glossy adverts nor the  wood of the pine tree.