Remembering the good ol’ times

And all that fun we had.

Remember all the hard times

And the moments we were "bad".

Remembering the past and the way we used to be,

But most of all, I ask you, do you remember me?

They said those were our best years

And we’d wish we could return

But I don’t know ‘bout you folks;

This leaves me a bit concerned.

Those may have been some great times, but on our lives did move

And I think we’d all agree – I bet we’ve all improved!

Some of us were oh-so-close,

And some got EVEN closer J

We’ve now gone our separate ways,

The Brains, the Brawn, the "Posers".

We made up our own language and created an odd ecosphere,

In a time when life was easy & hard rock was all we’d hear.

We thought we’d be so close forever,

And stick together to the end.

Well, some of us have kept in touch,

And a few even remained friends.

What we didn’t realize then, was that there would be a day

When our lives would grow apart and there’d be nothing left to say.

Time goes by, and we do heal,

we contemplate those good ol’ times.

We’ll pass a house or hear a song

That clicks something in our minds.

And then all of a sudden, like we never missed a beat,

There’s everyone at a barbecue and the circle is complete.

Well, here are pictures of good times

Without that wrinkle here and there.

Here old friends recall hard times

Results of which are our gray hair!

So, now these friends discuss the past ten years they didn’t see,

And you can bet that I’ll be there so you can’t talk ‘bout me!!

Love Renee